Build Common Chart Types in Data Views

This section includes detailed exercises that guide you through the steps involved in building some common chart types in data views. All exercises use the Sample - Superstore data source, which is included with Tableau Desktop. This collection of topics is just a sample of the many types of data views that you can create in Tableau. For details on options for building views from scratch, see Build Data Views from Scratch and Build a Basic View to Explore Your Data.

For a 6-minute walkthrough on building data views, see the Getting Started with Visual Analytics(Link opens in a new window) free training video. Use your account to sign in.

For an in-depth, 25-minute walkthrough of the Tableau environment, see the Getting Started(Link opens in a new window) free training video. To view more training and introductory videos, go to Free Training Videos(Link opens in a new window) on the Tableau website.

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