Create an Area Chart

An area chart is a line chart where the area between the line and the axis are shaded with a color. These charts are typically used to represent accumulated totals over time and are the conventional way to display stacked lines. Follow the steps below to create an area chart.

The basic building blocks for an area chart are as follows:

Mark type: Area
Columns shelf: Dimension
Rows shelf: Measure
Color: Dimension

To create an area chart, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Tableau Desktop and connect to the Sample - Superstore data source.

  2. Navigate to a new worksheet.

  3. From the Data pane, drag Order Date to the Columns shelf.

  4. On the Columns shelf, right-click YEAR(Order Date) and select Month.

  5. From the Data pane, drag Quantity to the Rows shelf.

  6. From the Date pane, drag Ship Mode to Color on the Marks card.

  7. On the Marks card, click the Mark Type drop-down and select Area.

    The visualization updates to the following:

    You can add formatting to an area chart. For example, you can edit the color legend and turn on mark labels and borders. For more information, see Format at the Worksheet Level(Link opens in a new window).

    You can also use highlight actions with area charts. For example, selecting a color in the legend or turning on the highlighter will highlight the entire area instead of just the line. For more information, see Highlight Actions.

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