Pre-Migration Checklist

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Important: Before starting this topic, review the Plan Your Migration topic to make sure that you have a complete migration plan. After you have a complete migration plan, use this topic to migrate from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud.

The Tableau Migration Software Development Kit (SDK) requires that you have a licensed Tableau Cloud environment that is properly licensed and configured. To migrate smoothly, complete all the following tasks before you use the Migration SDK.

  1. Upgrade your Tableau Server.

    Upgrade your existing installation of Tableau Server to the latest version. For more information, see the upgrade instructions for Windows or the upgrade instructions for Linux.

  2. Create a Tableau Cloud Site.

    The Migration SDK is compatible with both a licensed and trial Tableau Cloud Site. However, work with your account team to create a site that meets your user, content, and license type requirements.

    Note: This step might require licensing a Tableau Cloud environment. Please work with your account team to ensure you retain access to both Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud during the migration process.
  3. Configure all required Tableau Cloud site settings.

    For more information, see Customize the Site and Content Settings

  4. Configure Tableau Cloud user authentication. By default, Tableau Cloud sends a Site Invite Notification email to all users when they’re added to a site. If you would like to disable that automated notification, disable the “Site Invite Notification” in Settings under the General tab. For more information, see Authentication.

  5. Configure database connectivity.

    Some Cloud-accessible databases require you to authorize access to cloud data published to Tableau Cloud.

    If Tableau Bridge is required:

    Important: Configure your own Bridge Pool. The Default Bridge Pool doesn’t support some aspects of the Migration SDK.

    For more information on Tableau Bridge, see Plan Your Bridge Deployment

  6. (Optional) Automate User Provisioning and Group Synchronization.

    By default the Migration SDK migrates your groups exactly as they exist on Tableau Server. However it will not continue to sync your groups. If you want to create new groups during the migration, we recommend taking this step now, and opting to not migrate Groups using the Migration SDK.