Complete Post-Migration Tasks

🕐 2 min read

After a successful run of the Migration SDK, there are additional tasks you must perform before you onboard your users. This topic lists these tasks.

  1. Recreate Extract Refresh Schedules
  2. Validate that all the content you want migrated has, in fact, migrated.
  3. Recreate all items that are not programmatically migrated to Tableau Cloud.
  4. Validate that your content is working properly.
    Note: Tableau Cloud does not support automated validation testing. To confirm assets are working as intended, we recommend that you review a sample set of assets manually to ensure content has migrated as expected. Select Partners like Wiiisdom have also developed solutions that assist in content validation. For a full list of experienced migration partners, see Experienced Tableau Cloud Migration Partners.
  5. Onboard end users.
    • If you choose to supply adjusted usernames to Tableau Cloud to avoid the site invite email notification, adjust usernames back to the correct email address at this point.
    • Refer to the steps in the End-User Migration Checklist to help your users with your Tableau migrated content.