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Tableau Migration SDK version 1.0

February 2024

The Tableau Migration SDK is an open-source project built on Tableau’s public REST APIs. Our goal for developing the Migration SDK is to help you move your data and content from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud in a smooth and streamlined way.

The Tableau Migration SDK isn’t a standalone application with a graphical user interface. Rather, it’s a migration platform that your developers can use to write custom applications in C# (.NET) or Python, depending on preference and expertise.

Every migration scenario is unique. You can tailor the Tableau Migration SDK to fit your specific needs and requirements.

We recommend that you work with our Professional Services team first, to evaluate if your migration is suitable for a low-friction approach. If not, you can also work with one of our Experienced Migration Partners, who can use the Tableau Migration SDK to customize and execute the migration for you. If neither of those options work for you, the SDK is available to all to make migrations easier.

Note: To find out the latest updates to the Migration SDK itself, see Tableau Migration SDK Releases.