Upgrade Tableau Server Overview

The articles in this section help you upgrade an existing installation of Tableau Server on Linux. They describe the recommended steps of planning and testing before actually performing the upgrade. There's information about best practices, and when you're ready to actually perform your upgrade, steps for upgrading a single node server and a multi-node installation. Where possible, we call out possible pitfalls and help you to avoid these.

Note: If you are looking for documentation about upgrading to a version earlier than 2018.2.0, go to the main Tableau Help web site(Link opens in a new window) and use the Version dropdown to select the version you are upgrading to, then click the help for that version.

Choose your upgrade path

Important: Your upgrade steps depend on which version you are upgrading from. When you are ready to actually upgrade, be sure you follow the procedure that applies to your installation:

For instructions on how to determine your version of Tableau Server, see View Server Version.

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