Authorize Access to Cloud Data Published to Tableau Online

The information in this topic applies to you if you publish workbooks or data sources to Tableau Online that contain live connections to cloud data—for example, Amazon, Google,

As a security measure, cloud data providers might require you to supply a list of authorized IP addresses from which external applications request access to your data. A request from an IP address that is not explicitly approved could be rejected. To make sure live connections you publish to Tableau Online remain uninterrupted, add Tableau Online to your data provider’s safe list.

The table lists IP address ranges Tableau Online uses, depending on your site location. You can see its location in the URL that appears after you sign in to Tableau Online.

Host Name (Instance) Site Location IP Address or Range

US West - Oregon

US West - Oregon

US West - Oregon

US West - Oregon

US East - Virginia US East - Virginia

EU West - Ireland

EU West - Ireland

Asia Pacific - Japan

These addresses are dedicated to and controlled by Tableau.

Note: In addition to enabling communication over the Tableau Online IP range, you might need to enable access over the appropriate database port.

Find authorization steps for your data provider

The following links take you to the steps on common data providers’ websites for authorizing external applications on their platforms.


Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Disclaimer: The links in the list above take you outside of Although we make every effort to ensure links to external websites are accurate, up to date, and relevant, Tableau cannot take responsibility for the accuracy or freshness of pages maintained by external providers. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.

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