Upgrade Tableau Server Overview

The articles in this section help you upgrade an existing installation of Tableau Server on Windows. They describe the recommended steps of planning and testing before actually performing the upgrade. There's information about best practices, and when you're ready to actually perform your upgrade, steps for upgrading a single node server and a multi-node installation. Where possible, we call out possible pitfalls and help you to avoid these.

Upgrade Types

Your upgrade steps depend on which version of Tableau Server on Windows you are upgrading from. Your current version determines the steps you need to take to upgrade.

Determine your Tableau Server version

To see what version of Tableau Server you are running, sign in to Tableau Server and click the information icon ( or ) at the upper right of the Tableau Server window, then click About Tableau Server. Your server version is listed in the About Tableau Server dialog.

Choose your upgrade path


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