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Getting Started Tutorial step Topic Description

Connect to a sample data source

  • Describes the different data sources that you can connect to with Tableau and how to connect to them.

  • Describes the features and functions of the data source page.

  • Describes how to use the Data Interpreter to format spreadsheet data for Tableau.

  • Describes the different methods that you can use to groom your data to get the best results from Tableau.

Drag and drop to take a first look

  • Describes the differences between data roles used in Tableau.

  • Describes the elements in the Data Pane and how Tableau assigns fields.

  • Describes cards and shelves and the different options that are available in Tableau.

  • Describes the different chart types that Tableau supports.

Focus your results

  • Describes the different filtering options that are available in Tableau Desktop.

  • Describes the different file types in Tableau.

Explore your data geographically


  • Describes the geographic roles used by Tableau and how to assign one to a field.

  • Describes how to work with maps and modify their appearance.

  • Describes how to build a map view.

Drill down into the details

  • Describes the order in which Tableau performs actions.

Build a dashboard to show your insights

  • Describes how to arrange objects on your dashboard.

Share your findings with others

  • Describes how content permissions are set for views on Tableau Server.
  • Describes data extracts and how and when to use them in Tableau.

Here are additional learning tutorials, videos, whitepapers, and more. Use these resources to improve your understanding of Tableau Desktop.

What do you want to do? Try this location For this type of content

Learn what things are called in the Tableau Interface.

The Tableau Workspace

Labeled images of the Tableau User Interface (UI).

Find more tutorials and follow along using sample data

Build-It-Yourself Exercises

Short how-to type walk throughs about how to create popular chart types, and explain when you might want to use each type, including:

  • Bar charts
  • Text tables
  • Line charts
  • Scatter plots
  • Heat maps
  • Histograms
  • Gantt charts
  • Pie charts
  • Treemaps
  • Box plots
  • Packed bubble charts
  • Maps

Find examples of how to combine features

Example topics in Online Help

Example topics show you how to combine two or more features to complete a larger task.

Find examples of best practices for data visualization

  • How to create great looking visualizations.

  • How to design effective dashboards that help discover key insights and speed up decision making.

  • How to tell a great story using Tableau story points.

  • How to create visualizations that are accessible by users with visual or physical impairments.

  • How to use published data sources to make your data available for analysis.

Get more context about Tableau products before you start to work


In-depth discussions about best practices, industry trends, and what’s next in data analysis.

Find online or in-person training


Take free online, on-demand training courses or sign up for in-classroom training to deepen your expertise.

Find out about working with Tableau in the context of your system configuration or in combination with other products from other companies

Knowledge Base

Content created in response to support calls, designed to help use Tableau in specific environments or scenarios.
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