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Embedding API

Tableau Embedding API

This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change

The Tableau Embedding API is a JavaScript library and is organized into the classes and methods for embedding Tableau visualizations into your own web applications. For more information, see About the Embedding API v3.

Tip To see all the methods and properties for the Embedding API interfaces, select the Inherited option in the upper-right corner of your browser window. This option shows any methods and properties inherited from base classes.

Style and Conventions

The Embedding API follows these JavaScript standards for formatting names:

  • Classes use UpperCamelCase (initial capital letter, with each subsequent word capitalized).

  • Namespaces, methods, parameters, and variables use lowerCamelCase (initial lower-case letter, with each subsequent word capitalized).

  • Constants and enum values use UPPERCASE; multi-word names use UPPERCASE_UNDERSCORE_DELIMITED.

  • Protected variables or method start with an initial underscore (_) character, indicating that it should not be referenced by the programmer.