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Interface DataSourceUnderlyingDataOptions

Configuration object for fetching data from an data source object.


  • DataSourceUnderlyingDataOptions



Optional columnsToInclude

columnsToInclude: Array<string>

The columns to return specified by field name, returns all by default.

Optional columnsToIncludeById

columnsToIncludeById: Array<string>

The columns to return specified by field id, returns all by default. Since 1.5.0, fieldId is a property of the Column object.

Optional ignoreAliases

ignoreAliases: undefined | false | true

Do not use aliases specified in the data source in Tableau. Default is false.

Optional includeDataValuesOption

includeDataValuesOption: IncludeDataValuesOption

Specify which properties to return in DataValues. The default is IncludeDataValuesOption.AllValues. All properties not requested will be undefined in the DataValue results. This is a performance optimization only, and will be ignored in Tableau versions prior to 2021.2.

Optional maxRows

maxRows: undefined | number

The maximum number of rows to return. 10,000 by default