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Interface WebComponentSettingsShared

This interface represents all of the options for configuring a webcomponent that are common between viz and askdata.





Optional debug

debug: undefined | false | true

Indicates whether the non-minified version of JavaScript is loaded. If specified (or set to true), the non-minified version is used for both the local component and the Tableau Server visualization (if enabled). If not specified (or set to false), the minified version of the JavaScript files are loaded.

<tableau-viz id="tableauViz" debug />
<tableau-authoring-viz id="tableauViz" debug />
<tableau-ask-data id="tableauAskData" debug />

Optional iframeAuth

iframeAuth: undefined | false | true

Indicates whether to use the old auth mechanism for authentication which happens inside the iframe. If specified, VizLoadErrorEvents triggered due to auth failures will not be thrown.

<tableau-viz id="tableauViz" iframe-auth />
<tableau-authoring-viz id="tableauViz" iframe-auth />
<tableau-ask-data id="tableauAskData" iframe-auth />

Optional token

token: undefined | string

The token used for authorization

<tableau-viz id="tableauViz" token="some-token-containing-clientId" />
<tableau-authoring-viz id="tableauViz" token="some-token-containing-clientId" />
<tableau-ask-data id="tableauAskData" token="some-token-containing-clientId" />