End-User Migration Checklist

You are in the Tableau Cloud Manual Migration Guide.(Link opens in a new window) This guide describes how to manually migrate Tableau Server deployments with fewer than 100 users to Tableau Cloud.

Welcome to Tableau Cloud!

You're here because your Tableau administrator has recently migrated your Tableau Server environment to Tableau Cloud(Link opens in a new window), Tableau's fully managed analytics platform.

As a part of your migration, the following tasks need a few minutes of your time to make sure that you have a smooth transition to Tableau Cloud. If you were using any of the below features on Tableau Server, they will need to be re-created on Tableau Cloud. Review this list to understand what features need to be re-created and follow the steps provided to do so!

Work with your Tableau administrator to access both Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud while you migrate these items.

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