Configure Permission and Content Access for Migrated Users

You are in the Tableau Cloud Manual Migration Guide.(Link opens in a new window) This guide describes how to manually migrate Tableau Server deployments with fewer than 100 users to Tableau Cloud.

Now that you've added your data sources, workbooks, and Prep flows to Tableau Cloud, you're ready to add your users. Before we do that, it's important to understand how Tableau determines who has access to what data. Tableau Cloud allows you to designate who has access to content and allows you to restrict the data access within a data source.

We will use content access tools to restrict who has access to a content item, and row level security tools to restrict the data a user can see within a data source.

Content access

Projects, nested projects, and individual content items are all subject to permission rules. You can see how those rules are used in your Tableau Server environment and then recreate them in Tableau Cloud. See Permissions(Link opens in a new window).

Row level security

If you have any data sources or workbooks with row level security, your row level security permissions and calculations will need to be updated for Tableau Cloud because user names and group names may change during a conversion. See Restrict Access at the Data Row Level(Link opens in a new window) and Create a Data Policy for Row-Level Security(Link opens in a new window).

Migration workflow

This guide is organized according to a step-wise process for migrating to Tableau Cloud:

  1. Plan Your Migration
  2. Create and Configure a Tableau Cloud Site
  3. Migrate Virtual Connections
  4. Migrate Data Sources, Workbooks, and Prep Flows to Tableau Cloud
  5. Recreate Refresh Schedules for Tableau Cloud
  6. You are here: Configure Permission and Content Access for Migrated Users
  7. Add Remaining Users to Tableau Cloud
  8. End-User Migration Checklist
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