Recreate Refresh Schedules for Tableau Cloud

You are in the Tableau Cloud Manual Migration Guide.(Link opens in a new window) This guide describes how to manually migrate Tableau Server deployments with fewer than 100 users to Tableau Cloud.

Establish new refresh schedules for extract data sources

  • For extract Data Sources, navigate to the published or embedded data source in Tableau Cloud. Select Extract Refreshes > New Extract Refresh > Select an extract schedule.

    For data sources requiring Tableau Bridge, ensure Bridge is configured for the connection before establishing extract refreshes. See Use Bridge for Private Cloud Data(Link opens in a new window).

Establish new refresh schedules for Tableau Prep flows

Scheduling flows are available to Data management customers only.

  • To establish new refresh schedules for Tableau Prep flow, navigate to the flow in Tableau Cloud. Select Scheduled Tasks > New Task > Select and configure the schedule. Do the same for any Linked Tasks. For more information, see Schedule Flow Tasks(Link opens in a new window).

Custom schedules for flows are not supported in Tableau Cloud.

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