Tableau Generative AI Solutions

Starting in Tableau Cloud version 2024.1, Tableau AI comes to life through Tableau Pulse.

Tableau Pulse proactively delivers personalized, smart, and contextual metrics and insights for business users in the flow of their work. Pulse looks across the metrics that users follow, and leverages Tableau AI to summarize the most important insights to formulate a concise natural language overview so that they know what metrics to focus on quickly.

Built on the Einstein Trust Layer, your data stays safe and secure through data and privacy controls that are seamlessly integrated into the user experience. For more information see Einstein Trust Layer(Link opens in a new window) in the Salesforce help.

Tableau AI is currently US English only.

Note: By default Tableau AI features are turned off. To use any of the Tableau AI features, ask your administrator to turn on the Tableau AI site setting for your Tableau Cloud site. For more information, see Site Settings Reference(Link opens in a new window) in the Tableau Cloud help.

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