Tableau AI

Tableau AI brings trusted Einstein generative AI capabilities to the entire Tableau platform. Tableau AI can help democratize data analysis, deliver insights at scale, simplify data exploration, and support business decisions.

Tableau AI is powered by Einstein AI and inherits The Einstein Trust Layer and security controls. To learn more about Einstein Generative AI, see About Einstein Generative AI(Link opens in a new window) in the Salesforce help.

  • For the administrator: Built on the Einstein trust layer, Tableau AI keeps trust as its #1 value, and we strive to make sure your data is secure while also creating experiences that are accurate and safe. Turn generative AI features on or off at the site level.

  • For the data analyst: Tableau AI simplifies and streamlines existing analyst workflows, lowering the technical barrier to entry and reducing repetitive tasks so analysts can focus on more strategic work.

  • For the business user: Tableau AI helps deliver smart and contextual insights in natural language across experiences that are quick and easy to consume.

Note: Some generative AI features require Tableau+ and a connection to a Salesforce org with Einstein generative AI set up. For more information about how to turn on Tableau AI features, see Turn On Tableau AI for Your Site(Link opens in a new window).

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