Research the Upgrade

Before you upgrade Tableau Server, we recommend that you plan the upgrade.

  • Learn about the new version of Tableau Server, including what's new and what's changed.

  • Make sure the computers you are going to upgrade (both for the test environment and the production environment) meet the minimum hardware requirements. Minimum requirements and recommendations can change from version to version.

    Important: As a best practice, you should never install a beta version of Tableau Server in your production environment. You should also never restore a production Tableau Server installation using a backup of a beta version.

  • Confirm licensing requirements

    The computers you are going to upgrade (both for the test environment and the production environment) must meet these licensing requirements:

    • Trial licenses—When upgrading from one major version to another (version 10.x to version 2018.x for example), you must have a valid license. You cannot directly upgrade to a new major version if your server is running a trial license. If you have a trial license and want to upgrade to a new major version, follow these steps:

      1. Backup of your existing Tableau Server. For details, see Back up Tableau Server data.

      2. Install the new Tableau Server version on a separate computer and activate a trial license.

      3. Restore your backup to the new version. For more information, see Restore from a backup.

    • Expired maintenance—You should not upgrade your server if your maintenance is expired. If you attempt to upgrade a server with expired maintenance the upgrade may fail, or, if it succeeds, may result in an unlicensed server. You can refresh your maintenance before upgrading:

      • If you are upgrading Tableau Server on Windows version 2018.1 or earlier, use the Manage Product Keys application. For more details, see Refresh Maintenance Date for the Product Key.

      • If you are upgrading Tableau Server on Windows version 2018.2 or later, or Tableau Server on Linux, run this tsm command:

        tsm licenses refresh

      If refreshing the product key does not update maintenance with a valid date, check in the Tableau Customer Portal to confirm you have a Tableau Server product key with up-to-date maintenance.

  • Understand how version compatibility might impact your installation of Tableau Server.

  • Add-on licenses— Data Management Add-on license is required if you want to use Tableau Prep Conductor. Tableau Prep Conductor enables publishing, running and scheduling flows on Tableau Server. For more information, see Licensing Tableau Prep Conductor.
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