Multi-node Upgrade -- Run Setup

Run Setup

  1. Log onto the initial node with an account that is a member of the local administrators group.

  2. Navigate to the folder where you copied the Tableau Server Setup program and run it. This will install the new version of Tableau Server side-by-side with your existing, running version.

  3. The Setup program checks system resources to confirm that the computer satisfies the minimum requirements and recommendations.

  4. The Setup program displays the location of your existing version and will install the new version side-by-side in the same location. You cannot change the install location.

  5. When the installation is done on the initial node, the last page of the Setup program tells you that the upgrade is not yet finished. You need to run an upgrade script to complete the upgrade. Leave the Setup window open on the initial node and continue with your installation on all other nodes in the cluster.

    Important: You must install the new version on every node before you run the upgrade script. Do not run the upgrade script until after you have installed the new version on all nodes in your cluster.

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