Post Upgrade Cleanup

As discussed in How Tableau Server Upgrade Works, the Tableau Server upgrade process installs a new version side-by-side with your existing version. Now that upgrade is complete and verified, you can remove the older version of Tableau Server to free up disk space. This is an optional step.

Uninstall previous version

To uninstall a version of Tableau Server:

  1. Open Control Panel, click Uninstall a program, and locate the version you want to uninstall.

    Be sure you select the correct version to uninstall:

    • Uninstalling previous versions of Tableau Server does not impact the running version and simply removes unnecessary files from those previous versions.

    • Do not uninstall the current, running version. Uninstalling the current, running version of Tableau Server stops server and removes server-specific files and folders, but may leave some elements behind. Uninstalling does not create a backup of your repository data.

  2. With the Tableau Server version selected, click Uninstall.

Delete 'Tableau Server' folders from \packages directory

After an upgrade, you will see multiple versions of Tableau Server folders in the \packages folder. When the upgrade is completed successfully, you can delete the folders related to the older version you upgraded from. You can identify these by the version code in the folder name. For example, scripts.<version_code>. For more information about version codes, see View Server Version.

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