Single-Server Upgrade -- Run Setup

Run Setup

Follow these steps to upgrade a single-node installation of Tableau Server version 2018.2 or later.

  1. Log onto the computer with an account that is a member of the local administrators group.

  2. Navigate to the folder where you copied the Tableau Server Setup program and run it.

  3. The Setup program checks system resources to confirm that the computer satisfies the minimum requirements and recommendations.

  4. The Setup program displays the location of your existing version and will install the new version side-by-side in the same location. You cannot change the location.

  5. When the installation is done, the last page of the Setup program tells you that the upgrade is not yet complete. You need to run an upgrade script, upgrade-tsm, to complete the upgrade. If Tableau Server is running, the script will let you know, and will offer to stop it. Tableau Server must be stopped to complete the upgrade.

    Note: Beginning in version 2020.4.0, if the upgrade script fails, details about the failure display in the command window and you can rerun the script to try the upgrade again. The script restarts at the point it failed. This saves time and is a good first step if your upgrade fails. For more information, see Upgrade fails on 2020.4.0 or later.

    Run the upgrade script in one of two ways.

    • From the Setup program:

      1. Select Automatically launch the upgrade script, and click OK:

      2. A command window will open for the script. Because you are logged in as a user with local administrator rights, the script will run using your credentials. If you are prompted, enter your password.

      Clicking OK will close the Setup program dialog. If you cleared the option to automatically launch the upgrade script, you will need to run the script manually, from the command line.

    • On the command line:

      1. On the initial node, open a command prompt as administrator.

        You must open a new command window because the Setup program updates the path for the new installation.

      2. Navigate to the scripts folder for your new installation.

        By default:

        C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\packages\scripts.<version_code>\

      3. Run the upgrade script:


        Because you are logged in as a user with local administrator rights, the script will run using your credentials. If you are prompted, enter your password. You can specify a different user and password when you run the script using --username and --password options.

        To see all options for the upgrade-tsm script, use the -h option:
        upgrade-tsm -h

  6. Start Tableau Server. You can do this from the TSM web UI or from a command prompt:

    • In TSM, click Tableau Server is stopped, and Start Tableau Server:

    • From a command prompt:

      1. Open a new command prompt as administrator.

      2. Enter this command:

        tsm start

        If you get an error that the command is not recognized, close all command windows and then open a command prompt as administrator.

  7. The upgrade process leaves your existing folders in place. You can identify these by the version code. For example:

    C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\packages\

Continue to Verify Tableau Server Upgrade.

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