Download Custom View

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Downloads a custom view(associated linked custom views) in .json format.

Security note: Content in .json files downloaded using this method is stored in plain text. All data, including filter values that might give semantic clues to the data, is readable by anyone who opens the files.


GET /api/*api-version*/sites/*site-id*/customviews/*customview-id*/content

Parameter values

Parameter Description
api-version The version of the API to use, such as 3.18. For more information, see REST API and Resource Versions. The supported version for this API is exp
site-id The ID of the site that contains the custom view.
customview-id The ID of the custom view to download.

Request Body



Tableau Server users who are server administrators or site admins can download a custom view.

Response Code


Response Body

The custom view’s content along with some metadata required for import in .json format (Content-Type: application/octet-stream)

The response has the following content disposition header: Content-Disposition: name="tableau_customview"; filename="customview-filename"




HTTP status Error Code Condition Details
403 403163 Download forbidden Non-admin user or admin user without the ExportXml permissions attempted to download the custom view.
404 404000 Site not found The site ID in the URI doesn’t correspond to an existing site.
404 404048 Custom view not found The custom view ID in the URI doesn’t correspond to an existing custom view.
405 405000 Invalid request method The request type wasn’t GET.

For more information, see Handling Errors.


curl "http://MY-SERVER/api/3.21/sites/ \
9a8b7c6d-5e4f-3a2b-1c0d-9e8f7a6b5c4d/customviews/ \
1a1b1c1d-2e2f-2a2b-3c3d-3e3f4a4b4c4d/content" \
-X GET -H "X-Tableau-Auth:12ab34cd56ef78ab90cd12ef34ab56cd" \
> c:\files\my-customview.twbx

The response is a file that contains the custom view.