REST API Versions

Versions of the REST API are identified using major and minor version numbers in the format <major>.<minor>, as in 3.6.

When you make a request using the REST API, you include the API version number as part of the request, as in the following example:


When a new version of the REST API becomes available, if you try to call a method that was introduced in the new version but the URI includes a previous version, the method call will fail. In the API reference documentation, each method includes a Version section that tells you the version of the REST API in which that method was introduced.

Update releases

Small changes to the REST API might be made during update releases, which are identified using the format <major>.<minor>.<update-release>. For example, version 2.0.1 is an update release for version 2.0 of the REST API. Update releases might include bug fixes, and might include a new element or attribute in the XML body for a method.

When you specify the API version in the URI of a request, do not include the update release value. For example, when you specify the version number in the URI for update release 2.0.1, use version 2.0 in request URIs.

Schema versions

Although an update release does not change the version of the REST API, an update release can include changes to the XML for requests and responses. If so, these updates are reflected in the REST API schema (.xsd file). Unlike the version numbers for the REST API as a whole, the version number of the schema file does reflect update releases.

If you rely on the schema (for example, if you generate code from it), you should make sure that you have the latest version of the .xsd file. You should also examine the changes in the schema and determine whether they affect you.

You can determine the version of the schema file by looking at the xsi:schemaLocation attribute in the opening <tsResponse> tag of the response body. The following example shows what the tag looks like for the 3.6 version of the schema.


Tableau Server versions and REST API versions

Versions of the REST API are made available with releases of Tableau Server. The following table lists versions of Tableau Server and of the corresponding REST API and REST API schema versions.

Tableau Server version REST API version Schema version
8.3, 9.0 2.0 2.0
9.0.1 and later versions of 9.0 2.0 2.0.1
9.1 2.0 2.0.1
9.2 2.1 2.1
9.3 2.2 2.2
10.0 2.3 2.3
10.1 2.4 2.4
10.2 2.5 2.5
10.3 2.6 2.6
10.4 2.7 2.7
10.5 2.8 2.8
2018.1 3.0 3.0
2018.2 3.1 3.1
2018.3 3.2 3.2
2019.1 3.3 3.3
2019.2 3.4 3.4
2019.3 3.5 3.5
2019.4 3.6 3.6

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