Tableau AI Usage

Tableau AI is powered by Einstein Generative AI. When you use Tableau AI generative AI features, it consumes Einstein Requests and possibly Data Cloud credits. Einstein Requests are a consumption metric for generative AI.

Note: Some Tableau AI generative features will not be available until 2024.2

A single Einstein request consists of a single API call to a supported Large Language Model (LLM). The size of the call, measured in the number of words of the prompt and response, can increase the number of Einstein requests. For more information about the Einstein usage rate, see Einstein Requests(Link opens in a new window).

Einstein generative AI also has a generative AI audit data feature (also known as Audit Trail) that lets your information security teams monitor the Einstein Trust Layer features, including data masking and toxicity detection. This feature, if turned on, uses Data Cloud credits for ingestion, storage, and processing AI usage data.

These features help maintain the safety and accuracy of the generated AI responses. The data collected by this feature is stored in your Salesforce Data Cloud instance, using the credits allocated during the purchase of Tableau AI.

For more information about Audit Trail or about Data Cloud usage rates, see Generative AI Audit and Feedback Data(Link opens in a new window) and Data Cloud Billable Usage Types(Link opens in a new window) in the Salesforce help.

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