Tableau AI and the Einstein Trust Layer

Trusting generative AI with your company secrets and your customer data while balancing the benefits of generative AI is still a challenge today. The Einstein Trust Layer is a secure AI architecture, built into the Salesforce platform. It is a set of agreements, security technology, and data and privacy controls used to keep your company safe while you explore generative AI solutions.

Tableau AI is built on top of the Einstein Trust Layer and inherits all of its security, governance, and Trust capabilities.

Zero data retention

Zero-Data Retention Policy

Your data isn’t retained by third-party LLMs. We partner with Open AI and Azure Open AI to enforce the zero-data retention policy.

  • No data is used for LLM model training or product improvements.

  • No data is retained outside of Tableau.

  • No human being looks at data sent to the LLM.

Secure data retrieval

Dynamic Grounding with Secure Data Retrieval

  • Relevant information from your Tableau data is merged with the prompt to provide context.

  • Secure data retrieval of Tableau data for grounding the prompt based on the permissions of the user executing the prompt.

  • Secure data retrieval preserves in place all standard Tableau role-based controls for user permissions and field-level security when merging grounding data from your Tableau data source.

Prompt defense

Prompt Defense

  • System policies help limit hallucinations and decrease the likelihood of unintended or harmful outputs by the LLM.

  • The LLM doesn't perform any calculations to generate an analytical answer.

  • System policies can vary for different generative AI features and use cases.

Data masking

Data Masking

  • Sensitive data is detected and masked before sending the prompt to the LLM.

  • Data masking supports multiple regions and languages.

For more information about data masking, see Einstein Trust Layer Region Language Support(Link opens in a new window) and Select What Data to Mask(Link opens in a new window) in the Salesforce help.

Toxicity scoring

Toxicity Scoring

  • Einstein Trust Layer scores content on toxicity.

  • Toxicity scores are logged and stored in Data Cloud as part of the audit trail.

Auditing Audit

Available with Tableau+ only

  • Prompts, responses, and Trust signals are logged and stored in Data Cloud.

  • Feedback can be used for improving prompt templates.

  • Provides pre-built reports and dashboards for analysis.

For more information about Audit Trail see Einstein Audit and Feedback Data(Link opens in a new window) in the Salesforce help.

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