Tableau AI and Data Usage

Tableau AI is built on data. As a Tableau customer, it’s important for you to know what data is being used in the features where you’ve enabled Tableau AI.

This table lists both the Customer Data, which is data submitted by the Customer to our services as defined in our Main Services Agreement (MSA)(Link opens in a new window), and the usage data, which is data relating to users’ interactions with Tableau.

Data submitted to a feature with Tableau AI enabled may be used to improve your services and features or to develop new features that you can access without additional cost.

Note: The features in this list do not use global models, which are models that look for aggregated, anonymous trends across multiple Tableau Customers.

Product Feature Data Used Generative AI Model Used
Tableau Cloud Pulse insight summaries

Data the customer provides in the Published Data Sources that are used to create Tableau Pulse metrics.

Data the customer provides when creating metric definitions in Tableau Pulse, like metric name, description, and the formula to calculate it.

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