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Product Compatibility with Tableau Server

The Resource Monitoring Tool can be installed to monitor Tableau Server versions 2019.3 and later.

The table below lists the version compatibility between Resource Monitoring Tool(RMT) and Tableau Server:

RMT Version OS support Tableau Server Version
2022.1.x Windows. Linux 2019.3.x - 2022.1.x
2021.4.x Windows, Linux 2019.3.x - 2021.4.x
2021.3.x Windows, Linux 2019.3.x - 2021.3.x
2021.2.x Windows, Linux 2019.3.x - 2021.2.x
2021.1.x Windows, Linux 2019.3.x - 2021.1.x
2020.4.x Windows, Linux 2019.3.x - 2020.4.x
2020.3.x Windows 2019.3.x - 2020.3.x
2020.2.x Windows 2019.3.x - 2020.2.x
2020.1.x Windows 2019.3.x - 2020.1.x
2019.4.x Windows 2019.3.x - 2019.4.x
2019.3.x Windows 2019.3.x

Resource Monitoring Tool Server (RMT Server) and Agent Compatibility

Generally, we recommend that you install the same version of RMT Server and Agent to be sure that they are compatible. If you have Agents using versions not compatible with the RMT Server version, a critical incident is logged. For more information, see Agent Incidents.

Concepts and Terms

Get familiar with the concepts and terms used in the Resource Monitoring Tooltopics. For more information, see Concepts.

Setup Architecture

The Resource Monitoring Tool has two main components: Resource Monitoring Tool Server (RMT Server) and Agent. The RMT Server should be installed on its own machine, and the Agent is installed on each node of your Tableau Server Cluster. For a more details about the setup architecture, see Install the Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool.

A high level view of the Resource Monitoring Tool setup. This diagram shows a three node Tableau Server Cluster.


Minimum Hardware Requirements and Recommendations for Resource Monitoring Tool

Resource Monitoring Tool handles all of the processing, aggregation, storage, and web interface to the monitoring data collected from your Tableau Server installation. For production use, the machine you install Resource Monitoring Tool on should meet or exceed the minimum hardware recommendations. For more details, see Minimum Hardware Requirements and Recommendations for Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool.

Pre-Installation Checklist for Resource Monitoring Tool

Before you install Resource Monitoring Tool, review these action items and complete any necessary steps: Pre-Installation Checklist - Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool

Upgrading Resource Monitoring Tool

For instructions on how to upgrade Resource Monitoring Tool, see Upgrading Resource Monitoring Tool.


Be sure to check our Troubleshoot Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool Issues for answers to common questions before contacting support.

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