About Tableau Help

Addressing implicit bias in technical language

In an effort to align with one of our core company values, equality, we have changed terminology to be more inclusive where possible. Because changing terms in certain places can cause a breaking change, we maintain existing terminology in the following places:

  • Tableau APIs: methods, parameters, and variables
  • Tableau CLIs: commands and options
  • Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool installers, installation directories, and terms in configuration files
  • Third-party systems documentation

For more information about our ongoing effort to address implicit bias, see Salesforce Updates Technical Language in Ongoing Effort to Address Implicit Bias on the Salesforce website.

Deprecated and retired features

Beginning in October, 2023, we are making the following adjustments to our use of terms in the Tableau Help:

  • Deprecated: A deprecated feature is one that is scheduled to be retired from Tableau in a future release.
  • Retired: A retired feature is one that no longer is available in the latest version of Tableau. It has been removed from the software.

Features that have been deprecated or retired may still be documented for customers who are running older, still supported versions of Tableau.

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