Use the Data Management Add-on

The Data Management Add-on is a collection of features and functionality that helps customers manage Tableau content and data assets in their Tableau Server or Tableau Online environment.

Starting in Tableau Server version 2019.1, Tableau Prep Conductor is available for on-premise Tableau Server deployments, and in version 2019.3, Tableau Prep Conductor is available for Tableau Online deployments. You can use Tableau Prep Conductor to leverage the scheduling and tracking functionality of Tableau Server or Tableau Online to automate updating flow outputs.

Starting in version 2019.3, Tableau Catalog is included in the Data Management Add-on, making a variety of additional features available to you in the data management space. You can use Tableau Catalog to discover data, curate data assets, communicate data quality, perform impact analysis, and trace the lineage of data used in Tableau content.

Both Tableau Catalog and Tableau Prep Conductor are licensed through the Data Management Add-on. For more information about licensing, see License the Data Management Add-on.

To purchase the Data Management Add-on, contact your account manager.

For more information about the features in the Data Management Add-on, see the following articles:

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