Set a Data Quality Warning

Data quality warnings are a feature of Tableau Catalog. Starting in 2019.3, Tableau Catalog is available in the Data Management Add-on to Tableau Online and Tableau Server. When Tableau Catalog is enabled in your environment, you can set data quality warnings. For more information about Tableau Catalog, see "About Tableau Catalog" in the Tableau Server or Tableau Online Help.

You can set a warning message on a data asset so that users of that data asset are aware of particular issues. For example, you might want to let users know that the data hasn't been refreshed in two weeks or that a data source has been deprecated. You can set one data quality warning per data asset, such as a data source, database, flow, or table.

Who can see the data quality warning

When you set a warning, the warning is visible to users of the asset and any assets downstream from it. For example, a warning set on a table is visible to users looking at a dashboard with an upstream dependency on that table.

Who can set a data quality warning

To set a data quality warning, you must

  • be a server or site administrator, or
  • have the Save capability for the asset.

How to set a data quality warning

There are several types of data quality warnings you can set on a data asset:

  • Warning
  • Deprecated
  • Stale Data
  • Under maintenance

In addition to showing the type of data quality warning, you can include an optional message with more details about the warning.

To set a data quality warning:

  1. Select the More actions menu (. . .) next to the data asset you want to create a warning for, and select Quality Warning.
  2. Select the Enable warning check box.
  3. Select the Warning type from the drop-down list.
  4. (Optional) Enter a message to display to users.
  5. Click Save.

Note that you can set a data quality warning using REST API. For more information, see Add Data Quality Warning in the Tableau REST API Help.

Remove a data quality warning

When a warning no longer applies, you can remove it by navigating to the data asset with the warning.

  1. Select the More actions menu (. . .) next to the data asset and select Quality Warning.
  2. Clear the Enable warning check box to remove the warning.
  3. Click Save.


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