Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud provide two ways to search: quick search and filtered search.

Quick search, accessed at the top of the page, searches the entire site, including content in your Personal Space, for matching items of any type. Filtered search, accessed from the filters pane, finds matches on the page you are viewing.

Both quick search and filtered search support attributes and operators that help you set the scope of the search. For example, you can include an attribute to limit a search to just titles of views or use operators such as and and not.

Note: If Tableau Catalog is enabled on your site, you can use quick search to find databases, files, and tables (also called external assets) that are not embedded. Starting in 2019.3, Tableau Catalog is available in the Data Management to Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud. For more information, see "About Tableau Catalog" in the Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud Help.

Use the quick search field at the top of the page to find items across your Tableau site, including private content in your Personal Space. Quick search looks for matching text in item names, metadata, owners, tags, captions, comments, popularity, and other information.

Use the content type or recent content owner buttons to start your search, or begin typing. As you type, the top items that match your search text appear. These brief results show limited details, such as the number of page views for each item.

Brief search results

Press Enter key to see the full page of search results. To display more details, select View As > List. The details provided about each result, such as the date it was last modified and the number of times it has been viewed, help you find the freshest and most popular items.

Full search results page

Click the tabs at the top of the page to show results for each type. Use the Sort By options to order items by general properties, like name, and type-specific properties, like certification status for data sources. Further refine your search with the filters on the right side of the page.

Note: Quick search searches published data sources only. To search on embedded data sources (workbooks that use a data connection only), use filtered search.

Tableau Catalog users might see search results for non-embedded databases and tables before ingestion to Catalog is finished. When this happens, if you click this entry from the quick search results, a “Showing partial results...” warning message displays. If you review the search results page, the entry is grayed out until ingestion to Catalog is complete.

With filtered search, you can use a combination of search text and filters to find items. In addition to general filters, some items have filters unique to their type. For example, you can filter to show workbooks with alerts or data sources that are encrypted.

Filter options common to all content types are shown below.

Filter options

A filtered search applies to the items on the page you are viewing. It does not search elsewhere on the site.

Note: If you are looking at a page that shows more than one type of items, you will see only the general filter options. To see filters specific to, for example, workbooks, you must first filter to show only workbooks on that page.

To conduct a filtered search:

  1. Navigate to the page you want to search, then click the Filters (funnel) button to open the pane.

    Filters button

  2. To search, enter your text in the top field of the Filters pane, then press the Enter key.

  3. To filter, select the filter, then enter a value for the filter or select from the available options.

To remove a filter, click Clear next to the filter name.

Clear option

To remove all filters, click Clear All Filters at the top of the Filters pane.

Clear all option

Note: Quick search restricts the searches of dbname to published data sources only. To search on embedded data sources (workbooks that use a data connection only), use filtered search.

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