Customers worldwide are migrating to Tableau Cloud to take advantage of the innovation, reduced overhead, security and scalability of Tableau’s managed data service. The Migration SDK helps you migrate to Tableau Cloud in a seamless and predictable way. You can leverage the Migration SDK to

With any migration project, you’ll also be able to:

The Migration SDK gives you the tools to go from “lift and shift” methodologies to optimization in a Cloud-native environment. We’ve enriched the documentation and instructions so that your Cloud deployment is optimized for simplicity of administration, automation and enriched data cultures following a migration.

Designed for ease of use

The Migration SDK libraries are available in both Python and .NET. It can be run on both Windows and Linux to simplify deployment.

What this Migration SDK does not do

Need to create a list of un-supported content types and point to manual processes of re-creation and third-parties who provide offerings. Include in this list aspects of the migration (pre-environment screens, matching of content, verification of migration, etc)

For details about supported platforms and hardware requirements, see Requirement.