Refresh Expiration Date and Attributes for the Product Key

When using Server ATR and Updatable Subscription Licensing (USL), you don't need to refresh your product key(s) when you purchase a new subscription term, or add roles and/or features to your deployment. That's because USL product keys can be updated to reflect changes to your Tableau Server license capacity, feature, and subscription term over time, and Server ATR automatically refreshes product key(s) for you as a background process.

Note: If you were recently enabled for USL alongside your subscription renewal, you cannot refresh your licensing as outlined here. Instead, refer to the Tableau Customer Portal for the new USL-compatible product key which must be activated within your deployment; see Activate and Register Tableau Server(Link opens in a new window). Your original product keys have not been renewed, and should no longer be used in your deployment.

If you aren't using Server ATR, you can refresh your product key(s) manually. If you refresh a subscription (term) product key before the expiration date occurs, the product key will not change but the expiration date will. This can create a mismatch between the product keys listed in the Tableau Customer Portal and those listed in the Tableau Server TSM product key list. The product key will change when the expiration date occurs or shortly thereafter. If a subscription (term) product key is not refreshed and has expired, Tableau will stop working and you will have to activate a new product key from the Tableau Customer Portal to relicense your Tableau Server installation, regardless of whether you are using Server ATR or manual activation methods.

On the other hand, if the product key is perpetual (legacy) and its maintenance has expired, Tableau will continue to operate but you will not have access to upgrades until the maintenance is renewed. After renewing the maintenance, if you aren't using Server ATR, you must refresh the existing product key to update its maintenance expiration date. The product key will never change. For more information about different product key types and associated licenses, see tsm licenses list.

Note: This topic describes how to refresh the expiration date for Tableau Server, Advanced Management, and Data Management. For information about refreshing the maintenance date on Tableau Desktop see Refresh the product key(Link opens in a new window) in the Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Deployment Guide.

Before you begin

Verify the expiration date of your license(s). You can view the expiration date by following the TSM web interface procedure below, or by running tsm licenses list in the CLI.

If the TSM date does not match the date displayed in the Tableau Customer Portal and the following refresh operation fails, contact Tableau Support(Link opens in a new window).

Note: To refresh your product key in an offline environment, visit the Tableau Customer Portal to obtain the Offline Activation ID for your latest renewal, and then activate it. For more information about offline activation, see Activate Tableau Server Offline. Activate all product keys before starting Tableau Server. Otherwise some users might become unlicensed.

  1. Open TSM in a browser:

  2. Click Configuration and Licensing and click Refresh All:

  1. Open a command prompt as administrator on the initial node (the node where TSM is installed).

  2. Run the following command:

    tsm licenses refresh

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