Activate Tableau Server Offline

Tableau Server requires at least one product key that both activates the server and specifies the number of license levels you can assign to users. You can access your product keys from the Tableau Customer Account Center.

If you are not able to activate Tableau Server directly, for example, if your computer is not connected to the internet, or has a firewall that restricts access outside your intranet, you can follow the steps below to activate Tableau offline.

Offline activation overview and prerequisites

Offline activation of Tableau Server involves several steps. If you have never activated a product key before on your computer, you need to run through the steps twice, once to initialize licensing on the computer, and a second time to activate the key. If you have had a license on the computer in the past, you run through the steps only once. If this is the first time a Tableau product key has been activated on the computer, you repeat these steps a second time.

Step 1 - Generate an offline activation request file

  1. On the server computer, run the following command: 

    tsm licenses get-offline-activation-file -k <product-key> -o <target-directory>

    You can get your product key from the Tableau Customer Portal. The target directory must already exist.

  2. Copy the offline activation file (offline.tlq) from the target directory to a computer that has internet access.

Step 2 - Upload the offline activation request to Tableau

  1. On the computer that has internet access, go to the Tableau Product Activations page.

  2. Complete the instructions to upload your offline.tlq file.

    This creates an activation file, activation.tlf.

  3. Download the resulting activation file from Tableau.

Step 3 - Initialize or activate your license

  1. Copy the activation file (activation.tlf) to a location accessible from your Tableau Server computer.

  2. Run the following command: 

    tsm licenses activate -f <path-and-activation-file> 

First time license activation

If this is the first Tableau license activated on the computer, you will see this message:

Your license has been initialized. To complete the activation, we need one more exchange. Generate and send to Tableau a second activation request file.

Repeat the steps above to activate your license, which includes making a new offline.tlq file.

If you are not sure whether you need to repeat the steps, you can run this command:

tsm licenses list

If you see a message like this one you need to repeat the steps above:

No licenses are currently activated.

Subsequent license activation

If this is not the first Tableau license activated on the computer, or if you have completed the steps above two times, you should see a success message:

Activation successful.

Tableau Server is activated. If you need additional assistance, contact Tableau Technical Support.

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