Link to a PNG, PDF or CSV of a View

Note: To download to these formats rather than link to them, instead see Download Views and Workbooks Or, if you're using Tableau Desktop, see Export Views and Export Data.

If you work with a website or application that doesn't support embedded, interactive Tableau views, you can link to PNG or PDF versions of them.

If you're familiar with scripting, you can also use links to automatically convert multiple views into PNGs, PDFs or even CSVs. The resulting files can be shared with people who lack Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server accounts, incorporated into presentations or archived for future reference.

When you link to any of these formats, they always load the latest data available on the server. But be aware that CSVs of dashboards link to only one sheet – the one whose title is first in alphabetical order.

  1. With the help of a Tableau content owner or site administrator, ensure that your audience has permission to access the content. (If you're using a script to process multiple files, only you need access.)

    • For links to PNG and PDF files, users need the Download Image/PDF permission.

    • For links to CSVs, users need the Download Full Data permission.

  2. Replace the end of a view's browser URL with the appropriate file extension.

    For example, change http://<servername>/#/views/<workbook>/sheet?:iid=7 to http://<servername>/#/views/<workbook>/sheet.png

  3. If you want to filter a view, add a question mark after the file extension, followed by URL parameters that reflect the view's data structure.

    For example, change http://<servername>/#/views/<workbook>/sheet.png to http://<servername>/#/views/<workbook>/sheet.png?Region=South&Department=Sales

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