Explore Content on Tableau Mobile

Get a content overview

Select Home to see your newest favorites, recents, collections, and shared content. Select the blue numbers to the right of the channel names to see more items of each type.

Home screen

Access favorites

From the Home screen, select the number next to Favorites to access all of your favorite content. Use the view mode icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to toggle between grid and list view.

View mode toggle

Views and workbooks in your favorites are available as offline previews. Additionally, the views and workbooks in collections that you've added to your favorites are available offline. For more information, see Interact with offline workbooks and views.

Organize your favorites

Reorder your favorites to put the most important content first. Press and hold on an item to select it, then drag it to a new position. You can move items in both grid and list view. The custom order you create persists between Tableau Mobile and Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud.

A favorites card being dragged to a new position

Check your collections

Collections that you've created or that others have given you access to appear on your Home screen. With Tableau Mobile, you can view items in a collection, but to manage a collection or add items to it, use Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server with a web browser instead. For more information about collections, see Organize Items in a Collection.

Find shared content

When another user shares a project, workbook, or view with you using the Share dialog on Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud, that content appears in the Shared with Me channel on your Home screen. Content shared outside of Tableau, by sending a link through email or a messaging app, doesn’t appear in this channel.

If multiple versions of a view are shared with you, for example, a custom view and the original view, you can choose between the shared versions after you tap on the view. All other types of content show only a single instance, and the sharer listed is the most recent person to share the item.

Check notifications

You’ll receive a notification when someone shares content with you, mentions you in a comment, or when an important status update occurs for content you own. A dot on the notifications icon indicates that you have a new notification.

Notifications bell with a red dot on it

On the Notifications screen, tap on a collapsed notification to view the complete message. If the content that is linked to the notification is available on Tableau Mobile, the notification will include an Open button. Some types of notifications are linked to content that isn't available on Tableau Mobile, such as flows or data sources. To manage these items, sign in to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud using a web browser and view your notifications there.

Explore content in projects

Select Explore to browse your site's Tableau content. Start with the list of top-level projects, then choose one to access its sub-projects, workbooks, and views.

Tip: To see all projects, workbooks, and views, select the blue numbers on the right side of the screen.

When you open a workbook, you can choose from thumbnails for all of its views. If a workbook contains only a single view, that view immediately opens. (You can override this default in the app settings.)

When you're looking at an individual view within a workbook, select the views icon to quickly open another view.

Note: To make the best use of limited space on mobile screens, views appear in this menu even if Show Sheets as Tabs was selected when the workbook was published.

You can also see recommendations on the Explore screen, making it easier to discover relevant content. Check out what is trending or see personalized recommendations based on your viewing habits. If a recommendation isn't relevant, you can hide it. For more about recommendations, see Discover Recommended Views on Your Tableau Site.

Recommendation description

Search content

Search shows results sorted by projects, workbooks, and views, just like the project-navigation screen.

Search bar

Access your start page

When you sign in to Tableau Mobile, you'll be taken to your start page, if one is set. You can go back to this start page at any time by selecting the card on your Home screen. Interactive previews of workbooks or views set as your start page are available even if you're offline.

Start page card on Home

Start pages on Tableau Mobile can be a project, collection, workbook, view, your favorites, or the Explore channel. If your start page is set to content on Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud that isn’t available on Tableau Mobile (for example, a data source or flow) you won’t see that content when you start Tableau Mobile. Instead, you'll be taken to the Home screen.

Set your start page

You can set your own start page, or your Tableau administrator can set a start page for you.

Set your own start page: Sign in to Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server using a web browser, then follow the instructions on Change Your Start Page(Link opens in a new window). If you set your own start page, it will take precedence over any page set by your administrator.

Set a start page as an administrator: If you want to set a start page for your users, sign in to Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server using a web browser, then follow the instructions on Set the Default Start Page for All Users(Link opens in a new window).

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