Discover Recommended Views on Your Tableau Site

Recommendations make it easier to discover relevant content on your Tableau site. Recommendations for views appear both on the Home page and on the Recommendations page, accessed from the left navigation pane.


The model used to recommend content looks at the viewing habits of users and trends in popularity of content on your site. Recommendations that are For You are personalized based on the content you have looked at. Recommendations that are Trending have been popular across your site in the past week.

Tip: If a recommendation isn’t useful, you can hide it by selecting the actions menu (...), and then selecting Hide.

Whose names are shown?

On recommendations that are For You, you might see the names of other users who have looked at that content. These are users on your site who have viewing habits similar to yours. The names give you an additional indicator of why you might want to investigate a view, because a colleague with similar interests looked at it.

The visibility of names on recommendations is controlled by a site-wide setting. If you don’t see names on a recommendation For You, the setting might have been turned off for your site.

Which views appear as recommendations?

You will see recommendations for particular views only if you have the correct permissions to see those views. You can’t exclude a view from being recommended to others on your site; however, you or your site administrator can set permissions so that only users who should have access to a workbook or view are able to see it. That way, the view will not show up in recommendations for the wrong users.

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