Analytics Strategy

This content is part of Tableau Blueprint—a maturity framework allowing you to zoom in and improve how your organization uses data to drive impact. To begin your journey, take our assessment(Link opens in a new window).

To ensure success with your analytics investment, your organization needs a clearly defined vision for deployment.  Inputs from people across the organization are crucial to understand the short and long-term goals to promote data-driven decision-making. Your strategy must cover people, process, and change management—including identifying immediate business use cases, defining roles and responsibilities, and establishing a cadence to evaluate success measurements and impact.

Valuable inputs from across the organization will help to guide your analytics deployment and future state—including the roles, responsibilities, architecture, and processes, as well as the success measurements to understand progress. After completing the Tableau Blueprint Planner, you should have a greater sense of the direction you are headed with your analytics strategy by defining your vision for the use of data, identifying strategic initiatives and KPIs, setting Tableau business goals, and documenting risks and challenges.

Discovery Process

The discovery process outlines a systematic approach to gathering information and perspectives from sponsors and multiple stakeholders about roles and responsibilities, enterprise architecture, and the use of data and analytics among business teams. Within each section, the team or role responsible for completing is noted. Discovery is critical for gathering information from sponsors and stakeholders to inform the organization’s analytics vision.

The Tableau Blueprint Planner contains questions you need to answer before deploying Tableau broadly. Your answers will inform activities at every stage and every workstream in the Tableau Blueprint. The following areas are covered within the planner:

  • Analytics Strategy (Analytics Vision and Business Value)
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Enterprise Architecture Survey for Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud
  • Data and Analytics Survey
  • Use Cases and Data Sources
  • Data and Content Governance
  • Education Role Mapping
  • Users
  • Community
  • Upgrade Planning and Checklist

The Tableau Data and Analytics Survey, Tableau Use Cases and Data Sources, and Tableau Users sections of the planner should be revisited as you expand to identify new data use cases and users from new departments and teams.

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