Tableau Community Planning

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The Community tab in the Tableau Blueprint Planner is focused on communications, engagement activities, and support plans to connect people and nurture the use of analytics. Your organization’s Tableau user community is just like Tableau’s Community, only on a smaller scale. It’s comprised of all the Tableau users in your company. The community leader will coordinate efforts to collect enablement resources and connect users within your company and generate enthusiasm among a group of people founded on the common cause of putting data at the center of every conversation.

Not all items listed on the Community tab are required for launch, and many will evolve over time. The following areas should be assigned to an owner with a due date:


  • Getting Started
  • FAQ
  • Support
  • Announcements
  • User Directory
  • Governance Models
  • Data Platforms
  • Certified Data
  • Analytics Best Practices
  • Visual Style Guide
  • Events Calendar
  • Learning Plans
  • Training Videos
  • Company Education Calendar
  • User Group Recordings
  • Analytics Blog/Newsletter
  • Discussion Forums and Chat


  • Internal User Group
  • Internal Admin Group
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Viz Games
  • Tableau Day/Analytics Day


  • User Support Process
  • Champion Development
  • Skills Pyramid
  • Mentoring
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