Common Errors

If a query encounters an error, the query results return an error name and description instead of query results.

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Common errors

The following errors can occur in your Metadata API query.

Error Error Type Details  
ACCESS_DENIED Error You are not authorized to use the Metadata API.  
BACKFILL_RUNNING Warning Still creating the Metadata API Store. Results from the query may be incomplete at this time.  
FEATURE_DISABLED Error Can’t run the query because the Metadata API has not been enabled yet. Run the ‘tsm maintenance metadata-services enable’ command to enable the Metadata API or contact your Tableau administrator.  
FILTER_REQUIRED Error Can’t run the query because you must be an admin. Alternatively, if you are not an admin, you can rerun the query with a field name filter to return results.  
INHERITANCE_INCOMPLETE Warning When queries run in filter mode, inheritance results might be incomplete.  
INVALID_ARGUMENT Error The query contains an undefined fragment ‘n’. Make sure to define the fragment.  
  Error Can’t use nested fragments for shortcut query ‘n’.  
  Error Can’t use “after” and “offset” pagination at the same time. Remove one of the arguments from the query.  
  Error The query contains an invalid cursor. Make sure to use cursors of the same type.  
  Error The query contains an invalid cursor. Make sure to use cursors that belong to the same site.  
  Error A text filter can’t contain only the following characters: spaces or a single quotation mark. Replace the invalid characters and try again.  
  Warning Make sure the query contains the field you want to paginate on.  
NODE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED Warning Showing partial results. The request exceeded the ‘n’ node limit. Use pagination, additional filtering, or both in the query to adjust results.  
PERMISSIONS_MODE_SWITCHED Error One or more of attributes used in your filter contain sensitive data. Your results have been automatically filtered to contain only the results you have permissions to see.  
SITE_DISABLED Error The Metadata API is not enabled for this site: ‘n’.  
TIME_LIMIT_EXCEEDED Warning Can’t show all data because the timeout limit ‘n’ has been exceeded. Use pagination, additional filtering, or both in the query, and try again.  
USER_VISIBILITY_IS_LIMITED Warning The attributes used in your sort contain sensitive data so results exclude the sort.