View Server Licenses

Server administrators can view the license and product key information for Tableau Server.

Viewing licenses from the Tableau Server web UI

How you navigate to the Licenses page in Tableau Server depends on whether you have a single site, or multiple sites.

  • On a server with a single site, click Settings and Licenses:

  • On a multi-site server, click Manage all sites on the site menu, Settings, and Licenses:

    Note: The Manage all sites option only displays when you are signed in as a server administrator.

This page displays information for any licenses that have been activated on your server, including any user-based (term) or core-based licenses.

  1. Open TSM in a browser:


  2. Click Configuration , and then click Licensing :

    The table displays the product key, expiration date, and expiration of maintenance.

    Note: The TSM Web UI provides a limited amount of licensing information. Use the TSM CLI or the Tableau Server Web UI to see additional licensing information, including the number of each type of user-based license (Creator, Explorer and Viewer).

  1. Open a command prompt as administrator on the initial node (the node where TSM is installed).

  2. Run the following command:

    tsm licenses list

The command lists licenses that are activated on the Tableau Server deployment.

For example, a server with five Creator licenses, five Explorer licenses, 100 Viewer licenses, and Data Management would provide command output similar to the following:

The following fields are returned:

  • KEY: A globally unique 16-character string that identifies the license.
  • TYPE: Describes the type of license
    • Term: Term licenses map to a subscription schedule and must be renewed. The expiration date is listed under the LIC EXP field.
    • Perpetual: Perpetual licenses are purchased once and do not need to be renewed but must be refreshed to update the MAINT EXP or maintenance expiration date.
    • Cores: Core licenses are licenses that map to the number of cores on the computers running specific Tableau Server services. Core licensing allows for a guest user access to views on the server or embedded on other web servers. Core licenses also allow for unlimited Explorer and Viewer users.
  • CREATOR: The number of Creator licenses issued to the Tableau Server deployment.
  • EXPLORER: The number of Explorer licenses issued to the Tableau Server deployment.
  • VIEWER: The number of Viewer licenses issued to the Tableau Server deployment.
  • DATA MANAGEMENT:Tableau Server is licensed with Data Management (True/False). See About Data Management.
  • GUEST ACCESS: Tableau Server is licensed for a Guest User. See Guest User. The ability to leverage a Guest User requires Core licensing. See TYPE field.
  • LIC EXP: The date that the license expires and Tableau Server will stop working. Term licenses expire. See TYPE field. Visit the Tableau Customer Portal(Link opens in a new window) to refresh licenses.
  • MAINT EXP: Applies only to legacy perpetual licenses (TYPE = Perpetual). For Term licenses, this field will output, N/A. MAINT EXP displays the date that the maintenance contract for the Tableau Server deployment expires. To update the license maintenance key see Refresh Expiration Date and Attributes for the Product Key. Visit the Tableau Customer Portal(Link opens in a new window) to view maintenance purchase history and to purchase additional maintenance.
  • UPDATABLE: Specifies whether the license is an updatable subscription license (True/False).
  • LBLM: Specifies if login-based license management (LBLM) is enabled for the Tableau Server deployment (True/False). When enabled, LBLM allows users to log into Tableau Server to license their instance of Tableau Desktop or Prep, rather than entering a product key. For more information about LBLM, see Login-based License Management.
  • SERVER MANAGEMENT: Tableau Server is licensed for Advanced Management (formerly Server Management Add-on) (True/False). For more information about Advanced Management, see About Tableau Advanced Management on Tableau Server.

Note: The license terms for Creator, Explorer and Viewer users are set according to the terms of the user-based license (term license), if present. So, a server with only a core-based license will have unlimited Explorer and Viewer users and guest access, but no Creator users. To learn more, see Use role-based licenses on a server with core-based licensing.

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