Automate Refresh Tasks

You can associate extract refresh tasks with schedules in Tableau Server to automate refreshing extracts. You can also automate extract refreshes using tabcmd, a command line utility that you can download for use with Tableau Server. In particular, you can use the refreshextracts command in combination with other commands in your own script. For example:

tabcmd login - http://mytabserver -u jsmith -p P@ssw0rd! refreshextracts --datasource salesq4

Note: When an extract refresh is performed on extracts created in Tableau 10.4 and earlier (that is, a .tde extract), the extract is upgraded to .hyper extract automatically. While there are many benefits of upgrading to a .hyper extract, your users won't be able open the extract with earlier versions of Tableau Desktop. For more information, see Extract Upgrade to .hyper Format

For information about downloading the tabcmd utility, see tabcmd.

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