Extract Upgrade to .hyper Format

In Tableau version 2018, we introduced the .hyper format for Tableau extracts to replace the old .tde format. The .hyper format has been the standard format used by Tableau to create extracts since 2018, and the large majority of extracts are now .hyper files. Beginning in early 2023, Tableau discontinued support for the .tde format on Tableau Cloud and Tableau Public. For more details about this deprecation, see this Tableau Community post(Link opens in a new window).

Discontinuation of support for .tde files

Beginning in 2023, the .tde format for Tableau extracts was deprecated. This format was replaced by the .hyper format in 2018 but continued to be valid for uploaded files until March 2023.

  • This change took place for Tableau Cloud and Tableau Public as of March 2023.
  • Beginning with version 2023.1.0 of Tableau Server, the uploading of .tde format files is disabled.
  • 2024.2 is the last version of Tableau Desktop that supports any .tde-based workbooks, data sources, or bookmarks. Versions 2024.3 and beyond only support .hyper format.

Manually upgrade your .tde extract using Tableau Desktop

If you manage extracts locally, you can manually upgrade your .tde extract to a .hyper extract using Tableau Desktop.

Note: This functionality is only available in Tableau Desktop versions 2024.2 and older.

  1. In Tableau Desktop, open a workbook that uses a .tde extract.
  2. Select the extract data source from the Data menu and then select Extract > Upgrade.
  3. Select File > Save, which saves the workbook and also completes the extract upgrade.

Manually upgrade your .tde with a live connection

If your .tde file uses a live connection (as opposed to an extract), you need to upgrade the file by following the instructions in this Tableau Community post about updating to .hyper files(Link opens in a new window). It is not possible to update .tde files with live connections using Tableau Desktop.

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