Troubleshoot Desktop Licence Reporting

When Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop instances are properly configured, Tableau Desktop licence usage information is available in two administrative views, Desktop Licence Usage and Desktop Licence Expiration. If you can't see these views, check the requirements below. If you can see the views but there is no data in them, you can troubleshoot by using the Troubleshooting topic in the Desktop Deployment Guide: Troubleshooting licence reporting(Link opens in a new window). For details on how to configure Tableau Desktop, see Configure Desktop Licence Reporting in the Tableau Desktop Deployment Guide.

Administrative views aren't available

The Desktop Licence Reporting administrative views are available only to Tableau Server administrators. If you do not see links to the Desktop Licence Usage and Desktop Licence Expiration views on the Server Status page (select Manage All Sites from the sites menu), verify the following:

  • You are signed in as a Tableau Server administrator.

  • You are running a version of Tableau Server 10.0 or later, and users are running Tableau Desktop version 10.0 or later. Desktop Licence Reporting is available beginning with version 10.0 of Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop.

  • Tableau Server has Desktop Licence Reporting enabled. (The feature is disabled by default.) For more information, see Enable and configure Desktop licence reporting.

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