Tableau Prep Conductor


If you build flows in Tableau Prep, you can automate running your flows to refresh flow input and output data on a schedule using Tableau Server, instead of opening Tableau Prep Builder to run individual flows manually.

Tableau Prep Conductor runs flows, checks connection credentials and sends alerts if a flow fails. Tableau Prep Conductor leverages the scheduling and tracking functionality of Tableau Server so you can automate running flows to update the flow output instead of logging into Tableau Prep Builder to manually run individual flows as your data changes.

For more information about the Tableau Prep Conductor process on Tableau Server, see Tableau Prep Conductor.

Enabling Tableau Prep Conductor on Tableau Server

Before you can start publishing flows to your Tableau Server, there are server-level and site-level settings you must configure or verify to prepare your Tableau Server to allow publishing, scheduling and monitoring flows.

Review the following topics to understand Tableau Prep Conductor licensing, and learn how to enable Tableau Prep Conductor:


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