Activate Tableau Server Using the Authorisation-To-Run (ATR) Service

You can use the Server authorisation-to-run (ATR) service to activate Tableau Server deployed in on-premises, cloud, container or virtual environments without running out of licence activations. The ATR service achieves this by providing short-term leases of configurable duration (ATR duration) that ties the licence to the device until product key expiration date is met. ATR handles activation capacity tracking so that when there is an underlying hardware change, maximum activation errors don't occur. This option is ideal for cloud-based or virtual environments but is available to anyone who can activate their copy of Tableau Server online because Tableau Server needs to connect to various internet locations for licensing purposes. For more information, see Communicating with the Internet(Link opens in a new window). This option may not be the best choice in high availability scenarios. For more information, see If an initial node fails.

Select this option if:

  • You plan to install Tableau Server in the cloud
  • You plan to install Tableau Server on a virtual machine or other non-persistent environment
  • You frequently test Tableau Server installations
  • You often experience maximum activation errors

Do not use this option if you want some Tableau Server functionality when the initial node is unavailable for short periods of time.

Selecting ATR for product activation is a permanent choice that cannot be undone without reinstalling Tableau Server. To change this later, you must back up, remove and then reinstall Tableau Server.

Note: When using Server ATR with subscription licences, you do not need to refresh product keys in Tableau Server. To renew an expired subscription or make licensing changes, you must identify the new product key in the Tableau Customer Portal and activate it.

Select the Server ATR option

You can select the Server authorisation-to-run (ATR) option when installing Tableau Services Manager (TSM) using the TSM web interface or the TSM CLI. For more information, see Install TSM(Link opens in a new window).

To use Server ATR in an offline or air-gapped environment, see Activate Tableau Server Offline(Link opens in a new window).

Set or change the Server ATR duration

When using Server authorisation-to-run (ATR) to activate Tableau Server, you can change the ATR duration and use a setting different than the default of 432000 seconds (5 days). The ATR duration is the length of time that Tableau Server is authorised to run and will refresh while Tableau Services Manager (TSM) processes are up, requiring no new activation until the key(s) have reached their expiry date. If you're creating a test server or virtual machine (VM) that will have a short lifespan, you might want to shorten the ATR duration. Similarly, if you have a server that you plan to keep for a long time, you might want to lengthen the ATR duration.

To change the ATR duration, you use the tsm licenses atr-configuration set –duration <value_in_seconds> command. For more information, see tsm licences atr-configuration set(Link opens in a new window).

To view the ATR duration, see tsm licenses atr-configuration get(Link opens in a new window).

ATR duration in secondsMinimumMaximumDefault
Tableau Server (non-container)3600 (1 hour)7776000 (90 days)432000 (5 days)

The licence refresh duration varies from hourly to daily, depending on the ATR duration.

ATR durationHow often to refresh
< 4 hoursevery 15 minutes
< 24 hoursevery hour
< 7 daysevery 12 hours
> 7 daysevery 24 hours

You should keep your Tableau Server running as much as possible. Otherwise, if the Tableau Server is left shut down too long, Server ATR may reclaim the licence lease and you'll need to reapply your licence.

To set ATR duration and manually start the Activation Service, run the following commands:

Note: You must run these commands as an administrator from a command prompt. Depending on how your computer is configured, you may need to run them in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

  1. On the initial node, open a command prompt as administrator, and then use the following commands.

  2. tsm licenses atr-configuration set -–duration <value_in_seconds>

  3. tsm pending-changes apply

  4. net stop activationservice_0

  5. net start activationservice_0

Move a Server ATR licence to another Tableau Server

If you want to stop using your licence on an existing Tableau Server and use it on a new installation of Tableau Server, you can move your Server ATR licence. You might want to move licences when:

  • Switching between development or pre-production environments.

  • Moving Tableau Server to upgraded hardware.

  • Moving Tableau Server to cloud infrastructure.

  • Using an ephemeral Tableau Server, such as a virtual machine (VM) or container.

How do ATR leases work?

When you sign into Tableau Server and activate it using your product key, your ATR lease remains active as long as the Administration Controller, also called the TSM Controller and the Activation Service are running. If you stop using Tableau Server, such as when you shut down the computer where Tableau Server is installed, you are automatically logged out and the ATR lease expires. Tableau reclaims the licence and frees the capacity for new use after the ATR lease duration has elapsed.

Activate the same licence on another Tableau Server

You can have one production and two non-production installations per licence. If you have unused activations on a licence, you can activate the same licence on another Tableau Server. If you’re out of activations, you can still activate the licence after its lease expires.

  1. You have an existing Tableau Server that is licensed using Server ATR.

  2. Stop the existing Tableau Server from refreshing its leased activation. You can do this using any of the following methods:

    • Shut down your existing Tableau Server.

    • Uninstall the existing Tableau Server.

    • Disconnect the existing Tableau Server from the Internet by unplugging the ethernet cable or disconnecting Wi-Fi.

  3. After the ATR lease expires, you can reuse the licence on another Tableau Server.

  4. On the new computer, install Tableau Server.

    When prompted, activate Tableau Server using the same licence.

Remove product keys that were activated using Server ATR

You can remove product key(s) that were activated using Server ATR when you want to reclaim licence capacity from one Tableau Server installation and use it on another. For more information about reclaiming a product key, see Deactivate Product Key(Link opens in a new window).

Stop using Server ATR for activation

If you no longer want to use the Server ATR activation method for a specific Tableau Server, you must perform a backup, delete the existing Tableau Server, install a new Tableau Server and then restore from backup.

  1. Perform a full backup of your Tableau Server. For more information, see Perform a Full Backup and Restore of Tableau Server(Link opens in a new window).

  2. Completely remove Tableau Server using the tableau-server-obliterate script with the -l option. For more information, see Remove Tableau Server from Your Computer(Link opens in a new window).

  3. Install and configure Tableau Server. When installing TSM, on the Product Activation page, clear the Use ATR for product activation tick box. For more information, see Install and Configure Tableau Server(Link opens in a new window).

  4. Restore from backup. For more information, see Perform a Full Backup and Restore of Tableau Server(Link opens in a new window).

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