Saída de ajuda para script initialize-tsm

O conteúdo de ajuda a seguir é a saída da execução do comando a seguir:

sudo ./initialize-tsm -h

O script initialize-tsm está instalado no /opt/tableau/tableau_server/packages/scripts.<version_code>/


--accepteula        	Indicate that you have accepted the End User License Agreement (EULA).
			You can find the EULA in /opt/tableau/tableau_server/packages/docs.<version_code>

-c config-name     	Set the service configuration name.
			If not set, the default is "tabsvc".

-d data-directory   	Set a custom location for the data directory
			if it's not already set. If not set, the default is

-b bootstrap-file      Optional. Location of the bootstrap file downloaded from the Tableau Services Manager
			on existing node. Must be provided to join existing Tableau Server cluster.

-u username            Name of the user with admin privileges on existing Tableau Services Manager.
			Required if -b option specified.

-p password            Password for the Tableau Services Manager admin user.
Note: This option was removed beginning in version 2021.3.0 to improve script security.

-f          		Bypass warning messages.

-g                     Do NOT add the current user to the "tsmadmin" administrative
			group, used for default access to Tableau Services Manager, or
			to the "tableau" group, used for easier access to log files.
-a username            The provided username will be used as the user to be added
			to the appropriate groups, instead of the user running this
			script. Providing both -a and -g is not allowed.

-q             		Quiet, suppress output except for errors and warnings.

-i coordinationservice-client-port      Client port for the coordination service

-e coordinationservice-peer-port        Peer port for the coordination service

-m coordinationservice-leader-port      Leader port for the coordination service
-t licenseservice-vendordaemon-port     Vendor daemon port for the licensing service

-n agent-filetransfer-port              Filetransfer port for the agent service

-o controller-port                      Https port for the controller service

-l port-range-min                       Lower port bound for automatic selection

-r port-range-max                       Upper port bound for automatic selection

--disable-port-remapping                Disable automatic port selection

--unprivileged-user=<value>      	Name of the unprivileged account to run Tableau Server.
Default: "tableau".

--tsm-authorized-group=<value>  	Name of the group(s) that allows authorization to access Tableau Services Manager.
Default: "tsmadmin".

--disable-account-creation             	Do not create groups or user accounts for Server and TSM authorization.
					However, the values in: unprivileged-user and tsm-authorized-group will still be used
					in TSM configuration.

--http_proxy=<value>                    Http forward proxy for Tableau Server. Its value should be http://<proxy_address>:<proxy_port>/
					 For example, --http_proxy= or --http_proxy=

--https_proxy=<value>                   Https forward proxy for Tableau Server. Its value should be http://<proxy_address>:<proxy_port>/
								For example, --https_proxy= or --https_proxy=
								Take care to use http when you specify the URL for the https_proxy environmental variable.
								Do not specify the https protocol for the value of the https_proxy environmental variable.

--no_proxy=<value>			Environment variable that directs certain URLs to bypass the forward proxy. For example,				
--activation-service                   You can use the Tableau authorization-to-run (ATR) service to activate Tableau Server.
					This option is ideal for cloud-based or virtual environments, but is available to anyone who
					can activate their copy of Tableau Server online. Selecting ATR for product activation is a permanent
					choice that cannot be undone later.

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