Server Upgrade - Disable Scheduled Tasks

Important: We strongly recommend disabling scheduled tasks before you perform an upgrade. This includes all updates to data content and should be done before you create your pre-upgrade backup. This may involve disabling jobs that are triggered outside of Tableau Server, such as those initiated through REST API-based extract refreshes or using tabcmd.

Run the following procedure to disable all scheduled extract refreshes, flows and subscriptions.

  1. Sign in to the Tableau Server Admin Area as the Tableau Server administrator.

  2. Go to the server-wide Schedules page:

    • On a Tableau Server where only a single (Default) site exists, click Schedules in the left pane.
    • On a Tableau Server with more than one site, click Manage all sites in the drop-down menu on the top of the left pane, and then click Schedules.
  3. On the Schedules page, click Select All.
  4. On the Actions menu, select Disable, and then click Disable in the resulting prompt.

Continue to: Single-Server Upgrade -- Run Setup, or Multi-node Upgrade -- Run Setup

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