Upgrade Tableau Server Overview

The topics in this section help you upgrade an existing installation of Tableau Server on Linux. They describe the recommended steps of planning and testing before actually performing the upgrade. There's information about best practices, and when you're ready to actually perform your upgrade, steps for upgrading a single node server and a multi-node installation. Where possible, we call out possible pitfalls and help you to avoid these.

Note: Use Tableau Release Navigator to search for features in Tableau Desktop, Server and Prep or to see a full list of features when comparing your current version of Tableau to a later one.

Choose your upgrade path

Blue/Green upgrades

Blue/green upgrades are a special type of upgrade approach that provides minimal downtime, but requires a knowledgeable IT team and resources to implement. These are not for every organisation, but for those who are equipped to handle them, they can be the right upgrade solution. For more information, see Using a Blue/Green approach for upgrading Tableau Server.

Upgrading in place

Important: Your Tableau Server on Linux upgrade steps depend on which version you are upgrading from. When you are ready to actually upgrade, be sure to follow the procedure that applies to your installation:

For instructions on how to determine your version of Tableau Server, see View Server Version.

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