Simple Steps to Publish a Workbook

When you want to share a workbook with your colleagues, you can publish it to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud with a few simple clicks. There, other people can view it, interact with it, and even edit it if their server permissions allow.

Before you publish your workbook, make sure you know the following:

  • The name of the server and how you sign in to it. If your organization uses Tableau Cloud, you can click the Quick Connect link.

  • Any publishing guidelines your Tableau administrator might have, such as the name of the project you should publish to.

Publish your workbook

  1. With the workbook open in Tableau Desktop, click the Share button in the toolbar.

    Share icon - ick to share your workbook on the server.

    If you aren’t already signed in to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud, do so now. If you don’t have a site yet, you can create one on Tableau Cloud.

  2. In the Publish Workbook dialog box, select the project to publish to.

  3. Name the workbook according to whether you’re creating a new one or publishing over an existing one.

  4. Under Data Sources, select Edit. For Authentication, select Allow refresh access or Embed password.

    For some data connections, only one authentication option appears. If None shows, leave it set to that.

  5. Click Publish.

    If this is your first time publishing a workbook, test it on the server and work out any glitches before letting other users know the workbook is available.

For more details, see these topics:

Let others know the workbook is available on the server

  1. Make sure your colleagues can access the site and project you published to.

  2. Send them a direct link to your workbook.

  3. After they sign in, the workbook opens for viewing, interacting, or editing.

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